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Something between a mister and his mattress.
Marilyn Monroe was President Kennedy's mistress.
#courtesan #kept woman #concubine #lady friend #paramour #lover
by soreofhing July 20, 2009
Something that Bishops and Generals catch from public toilet seats.
The rest of us can catch it from fucking prostitutes.
Don't fuck her, she's probably got vd.
#pox #clap #herpes #venerial disease #gonorhea
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
Originating from typically southern US fundamentalist Christian sects given to evangelizing in a very outgoing, rumbunctious way, often characterized by a religious bigot standing on a street corner, with or without foam around his mouth, shouting about how we should all turn to Christ, whilst vigourously thumping his soft covered bible for emphasis.
Their actions usually do more harm than good to their cause and bring into disrepute and ridicule those more reticent Christians.
He's a bible thumper, so don't go near him.
He thinks everything in the bible should be taken literally; he's a foolish bible thumper.
#religious #fundamentalist #southern us religion #extremist #bigot
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
Something that wives keep count of when you are at a party.
For example, after a couple of hours laughing and joking with the men, your wife will sidle up to you and say in a very accusing tone of voice "That's your fourth drink, you know".
That's your fourth drink, you know.
#booze #shot #a little something #whisky #rum
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
British slang:
To wank is slang for masturbating, usually understood to be carried out on a man by someone of either sex.

Wanker's cramp is laughingly used to describe any hand pain, with the understood meaning that the person with the pain often masturbates.
You say your hand hurts. You must have wanker's cramp.
#maturbate #jack off #onanism #beat your meat #self abuse
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
When an innocent young man is seriously told that masturbation will cause hair to grow on the palms of your hands, he will often immediately look at his hands thus causing raucous laughter from the others.
Did you know masturbation causes hair to grow on the palm of your hand?
#wank #onanism #beat your meat #masturbation #self abuse
by soreofhing July 06, 2009
1 Someone of the Jewish persuasion.
2 A derogatory term for someone who is dishonest, miserly or generally regarded as not being a gentleman.

1 To cheat or defraud.
2 To expend an excessive amount of time and effort to negotiate the lowest price for something when an ordinary person would be ashamed to do so.
What a Jew! He spent 2 hours getting 20 dollars off the price of a new car.
He just doesn't try to integrate in the local community--he's a Jew.
My boss promised me a Christmas bonus back in February but when the time arrived he jewed me out of it.
The boss bought a new Cadillac on company money then explained to me that there wasn't any money to give me my promised raise....the lousy Jew.
The company owner doesn't spend money on safety equipment for the workers...he's a Jew.
#dishonest #cheat #steal #defraud #demanding #ungentlemanly #lier #thief #tax evader #sneaky.
by soreofhing July 05, 2009
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