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2 definitions by sordidmaxim

Yo, this dawg named Kant wrote about dis groupping of peoples who would control one by means of another culture/society. like the rules of society not allowing one to progress foward, and enforcement of external laws or violence like an english sphere of influence in China -
as stated abouve, or thing of it as the opposite of autonomy
by sordidmaxim September 30, 2003
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Yo check dis out, its like trying to have the freedom, and i stress dat dawgs, of being able to control yourself, politically, economically, and da such, something us peeps n jews dunt got in da ghettos
the states when dey say "hellz naw" to da Brit crown, oi oi. but then they didn't allow peoples copy them, like in South America - they being the States
by sordidmaxim September 30, 2003
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