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its just weed, dude!!
'you been on the chong/chongin'?'
by soph August 31, 2003
its just means rubbish/crap/not very good/shit/
this songs boogs
by soph November 01, 2003
A person who desperately pretends to be heterosexual, yet everyone else can see through their flimsy cover-up and knows that in fact, they're a complete homo
Well, Maureen, you might be fooled by our Jason saying that he wants to join the rugby team to get fit and buff up for the ladies, but he's such a hetmo - he just wants to get his head near other guy's crotches
by Soph July 13, 2004
another word for jessi's dick haha
penis, johnson, peter, head, dick, wacker, weiner, one-eyed monster, schlong etc.
by soph April 28, 2003
The word "vagina" jumbled.
The gavina ate the vagina.
by SOPH June 07, 2003
Also associated with Greatness in Hacker Language.
That person is so moby
by Soph April 12, 2005
one of the nicest, stupidest, most considerate boys ever -- the other hallum twin
it's too bad all guys weren't made with waqar's personality
by soph November 11, 2004
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