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Oral copulation with someone's navel. Using your tongue to lick and penetrate your partner's belly button. The practice can be performed on women or men. There's nothing gay about it.. yet.
While doing body shots. Bob chased the tequila into Jennie's belly button; giving her some navelingus with a few quick tongue pokes to her innie. When she giggled and smiled, he knew he was in for a good time.
by sonnyvegas July 10, 2011
Those undocumented workers that hang around in front of Home Depot or Lowes. They'll help you do yardwork, cleanup, and basic home improvement.

Usually Latino, and often sporting a mustache, they'll do a surprising amount of work for $40 and a six-pack of Budweiser.
Dude1: I can't believe all the yardwork my wife wants me to do this weekend.

dude2: Easy man.. just cruise by the Home Depot and get some labor hookers. For $50, they'll do it all.
by sonnyvegas April 28, 2009
Oral copulation with your navel. Using your tongue to lick and penetrate your belly button if you have an innie or licking and sucking your outie. A strange pseudo-sexual practice that has no pornographic value.
Jerry was always embarrassed about his 2-inch outie, but he was the envy of his friends when he showed them his autonavelingus skills.
by sonnyvegas July 10, 2011
Marijuana imported from Mexico that helps to fuel the ongoing drug war between heavily armed cartels and government forces.

The decades-long drug war has led to thousands of deaths in the border towns between Mexico and the United States.
John is a good man who enjoys a good smoke, but he's afraid that his money will go to fund the terrible events in Juarez. That's why he only smokes locally grown herbs instead of that imported conflict weed. Think globally, smoke locally.
by sonnyvegas February 02, 2012

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