5 definitions by someone from augusta middle school

an awesome band that people should stop accusing of being emo. one of the funniest things about them is that their ex bassist commited himself because he knew he had problems
weezer is fucking awesome
one of the most kick ass bands in the world and the greatest local band i've ever heard in my entire life
if you go to a stilmad concert chances are not much more can match up to it
someone who likes fishing hunting and nascar, oh yeah and they're not very smart
first i went hunting and then made out wiht my sister because i'm a red neck
the biggest dumbass on the entire planet that should never have been elected. if the us goes down in hell because of all of our alliance countries hate us it's his fault.
if you're a fag your name must be george bush
a place where everyone that is a juggalo can belong
a juggalos paradize is shangrila

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