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The least satisfying sexual activity possible, on both ends.
1. "Ugh... I hate giving my boyfriend handjobs. They're tedious, they take forever, and I never know what to do with the rest of my body during it. It just feels so... obligatory..."

2. "Ugh... I hate it when my girlfriend gives me handjobs. She does them terribly, she seems bored, and frankly... I can do that myself."
by someguywithajob September 09, 2011
The moment an allnighter high disappears, leaving you feeling like a hollow shell of a man (or woman), filled with regrets. Can happen instantaneously; one minute your waxing philosophical about the oeuvre of David Cronenberg, the next minute you're lying on the ground sobbing. Usually followed by an impenetrable midday nap.
Greg was doing fine until his allnighter crash kicked in. Now we have to hide the good knives...
by someguywithajob December 15, 2011
An allnighter high inevitably leads to an allnighter crash. An allnighter crash usually leads to a nap. This nap leads to an allnighter hangover.

Like a regular hangover, an allnighter hangover is characterized by a splitting headache, sensitivity to light, and general overall grumpiness. Unlike a regular hangover, however, an allnighter hangover, in the worst case scenarios, can last for weeks. You take an allnighter, sleep it off in the early evening, then wake up with an allnighter hangover at around 10pm, angry but fully rested. This messes with your chronological clock, makes you take another allnighter, and the cycle never ends.

Your life is now just one long, cyclical pile of shit, and all that to pass one midterm.

Was it worth it? WAS IT?
I shouldn't have stayed up all night three weeks ago... my allnighter hangover has been killing me ever since.
by someguywithajob December 15, 2011
That period between about 6am and noon when, after staying up all night, you find yourself both strangely energized and happy, as if drunk and high at the same time. This will be followed swiftly and suddenly with an allnighter crash, which in turn becomes an allnighter hangover... but for the time being, you've achieved a state of serenity that you will seldom feel again... at least until your next term paper.
I ran on my allnighter high all the way through my first three classes. Then the crash hit, and I wanted to die.
by someguywithajob December 15, 2011
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