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While in a store or gas station, a member of the family (usually a the mother or father) will stand in line or sometimes even at the counter. Meanwhile, the rest of the family (usually the children) will run around the store and find petty things they want their parents to purchase (i.e. candy, hannah montana pencils, slim jims etc.). In most cases, the parent doesn't know how to tell his/her kids NO and the kids end up trading out what they want 50 times which holds up the entire line and completely confuses the cashier.
John and Tom walk into the gas station to get a soda. When they get in line, there is a woman at the register with a pile of goodies. The woman's kids are running around the store finding more goodies and putting them on the counter.

Woman to her kids> "Now you can get this or this, you can't have both. Go put one back or trade this one for that"

John to Tom> "Dude what the fuck is the hold up?"

Tom to John> "Some woman is nigger shopping with her kids."

by someguywhogotpissedoffoneday July 21, 2008

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