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A Member of the Organization founded by Lord Baidan Powell in the early 1900's. It was an organization primarily used to teach young boys about life, the great outdoors and life skills. Today it is primarily an organization for parents who unfortunately gave birth to imputant, weak, degenerate, spat upon children, or children thereof, to drop off at a cheap place for a few hours so that they can go party and forget about the fact that they ever gave birth to such a child. These Children are usually moleste at a young age and although may not have entered the system as wierdo, sometimes-goth, pyromaniac, odd guy in the corner who stares at you kids, but they certainetly leave as them. ...Also they are handy at making knots.
1. "Hey Laurence - could you come tie this knot for me?"
"Sure Vinny, ...here you go."
"Man you are such a bitch, and you smell like asparagus."
2. "I just saw a boy scout yesterday."
"Did you knife him?"
"no but i made him give me his badges in exchange for a bag of dog shit."
"hahahaha - what a fucking tool."
by someguy223 June 27, 2007

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