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small city of approx 75,000........ predominantly white with a significant hispanic population (mailny from Ecuador, Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Mexico), a solid black population (yes theres black people for those of u from Hartford and new haven) and a small yet growing community of asians. home of immigrants (both legal and illegal), fake gangster clowns, hoodrat bitches, and rich kids who vandalize public property and do drugs with complicated names. Popular place for people running away from NYC and one of the few places ive been to where public housing is in the middle of the boonies. Drugs are sold, but the dealers are ass backwards about how they sell them. Most go to jail for selling a nickelbag of weed to a DT. One of the few places where u can sell drugs, get caught, snitch on your crew and not get shot afterwards. Not dangerous enough to be "hood" (the worst that can happen is being jumped by 20 different sissies swearing they hardrocks) but rich brats from Ridgefield and New Fairfield seem to think its a war zone for some odd reason.
im from danbury, home of the original fake gangsters............
by someguy11 June 10, 2005

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