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A "Lone Wolf" is someone who keeps to themself, and tends to sit around older kids looking awkward. Although this person may look awkward, DON'T BE FOOLED! This Lone Wolf may be actually pretty cool. They might end up being grouped with the younger kids at larger family functions; generally the "Lone Wolf" is a billion times more mature and less weird than kids their age, however too awkward to hang out with people who are older, henceforth the moniker "Lone Wolf."
Macy: "Look at this kid. She is so awkward!"
Hazel: "Nah, man, that is a Lone Wolf!"
by someboredkids July 27, 2011
(n.) a fairy whom waits for you in your bed with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed at the ankles. However, you may notice that he is completely naked besides a small pair of fairy wings and an unmistakeable purple sparkly wand and glitter cloud following him. Take caution, he has been known to rape teenage boys. Like Nate. He may offer to grant you "wishes", but beware, he is only trying to get you in bed. Well it doesn't even have to be in bed. "Take THAT! And THAT!" You cannot mistake the fairy Glenn-Mother because when attempting to blend in with the general public he looks like a stoned hippie and speaks in monotone. But be cautious. One cannot hide their wings forever..
Nate: "Lilly! There was this naked guy in my bed with a ton of glitter who said he wanted to grant me wishes!"
Hazel: "Chillll Nate, Its just Fairy Glenn-Mother."

Wills: "Dude where's Nate?"
Dylan: "He's still a little pissed about being Fairy Glenn-Mothered."

Nate: "Dude! There is this naked guy covered in glitter laying in my bed!"
Hazel: "Does he have fairy wings?"
Nate: "Yeah,"
Hazel: "Shit man, looks like you got yourself a Fairy Glenn-Mother."
by someboredkids July 27, 2011

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