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The act of masturbating in the shower with soap. Also known as 'making' soap donkeys.
David has been in the shower for quite a while, he must be making soap donkeys.
#masturbating #stroking #jerking off #lather #shower
by soapdonkey July 07, 2014
A female denizen of the local trailer park. Often seen walking around barefoot outside of her trailer. Might be fuckable is you clean her up a little.
"Her? Oh, She's just an ol' dirty footed girl. Take her inside, give her a good scrubbin', she might be alright."
#trailer #trashy #poor #grubby #soap
by soapdonkey July 07, 2014
The long wooden bench outside of a country store in the south. Where old men gather.
Grandpa and all his buddies were sittin on the dead pecker bench talking about the war.
#bench #tables #store #geezers #soapdonkey
by soapdonkey April 18, 2015
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