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the time of your life(varies but usually the years between 13 and 19...can last a lifetime for certain individuals)when you know everything better than everyone, when you are invincible, infallible and immortal
her mother thought that with the passing of her daughter's 19th birthday, she would finally grow up and leave teenagerdumb
by snowcloud521 February 21, 2009
when you raise your voice to monopolize a conversation and talk over the other person/people you are with...like a television or radio announcer who broadcasts information because they know their audience can't respond, someone in broadcast mode just talks "at" you or over you, with no regard for your thoughts or response.
We were at a networking event and one of the attendees was in broadcast mode all night. She was so rude never let anyone get in a word edgewise.
by snowcloud521 February 17, 2009
not good; challenging; feeling like you are shoveling shit against the tide, just to keep your business or your career above water.

After three months of jumping through hoops for our client so we could meet their deadline...they decided against moving ahead with the project. I guess I'm just having a recessionary day.
by Snowcloud521 February 17, 2009

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