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A group of young homosexual thugs. One must watch out, for they are extremely dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about getting a beat down, but also getting fucked while down.

Early warning signs of homo thuglings approaching you include:
Baggy gangster clothes and du-rags, combined with holding hands with other members, and giggling. Kissing is also a give away.

If you spot them before they spot you, hide in an alley, or a bush, or use a Houdini hider.

Stay safe!
The following sentence is being recited in this almost victim's head.

Dude: Oh shit! 10 homo thuglings coming my way, shit did they see me?
pheww they didn't...good, I'll use the Houdini hider, just in time!!
by snipedogg June 02, 2010
Obama and his mama put together.
Greatly decreases the amount of words needed to say
when wanting to talk about Obama and his mother.
Can also be used to talk directly about Obama's mother.
Usually will be used with a curse word before though.
Fuck Obmama! - Talking about Obama and his moma
Obmama is soo fat! - Just his mother
Obmama makes some good azz chikayn! - Obama and moma
Whens da last time u seen Obmama?
by snipedogg June 12, 2010
When a woman is especially hungry for the male reproductive organ.
A nympho would be the classic example of a woman who is cock sick.

If you are talking about a cock sick woman in from of her but do not want her to know what you are talking about, you can use "toxic" instead, that way she might even think you are complimenting her, further increasing her cock sick rage.
Dude1: This girl is all over me mayn, and all mah boys.

Dude2: Damn yo, bitch is cock sick.
by snipedogg June 02, 2010
When something good happens and you are extra excited about it.
Usually preceded by "Oh."

Similar to Oh snap, except taken up a few levels in oh snapiness.
Lady: I just moved out my house!!!

Dude: Oh snapadillz!!!
by snipedogg June 02, 2010

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