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2 definitions by snicksnackpaddywack

if something is unfathomably good, like an infinitely fast internet connection or a blueberry cheesecake form candid café, some people can only explain their quality as being made of the greatest things that mankind has experienced
1. "Christ man this cheesecake is made of sex and god!"

2. "I can play multiple high powered games because my computer is made of sex and god."
by snicksnackpaddywack May 17, 2014
The stuff, specifically sauce that good or great things are made of. When something great happens or appears, its customary to shout out what its made of

The origin of something being overwhelmingly awesome in the production of other awesome things
1. "This broadband is made of sex and god"
"yeah man its awesomesauce"

2. "I brought you a cornetto!"
by snicksnackpaddywack May 17, 2014