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4 definitions by snatch

This means "To be fair"
you : tbf, you're a dick
him : wtf?! fu n00b
by Snatch June 04, 2005
To have three posts on a forum in succession
Poster #1: y
Poster #1: hello
Poster #1: thar
Poster #2: no need for teh tripost, n00b
by snatch May 29, 2005
A big dick
i have a big coolaid in my pants
by snatch July 19, 2003
Annoying bastard who thought he was into "Thug Life"
ripped off some piano riffs and yodelled over the top.
them : that 2pac was badass
you : No, he was a twat....true story
them : oh....
by Snatch June 04, 2005