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A suitable replacement for the word "fuck." Used by Jon Lajoie in his song "Fuck everything."
I don't give a chainsaw about anything, chainsaw everything, WHAT
by smreidy July 29, 2011
To banish a roommate for the purpose of masturbation. Similar to sexile.
Lamar: Hey bro, you mind if you take a walk around the building? Sherry posted new photos from the beach.

Melvin: Aw man, you're wankxile-ing me again? This is the third time today!

Lamar: Come on, man, I can't do it with you in the room! It gives me the hebe-jebes.
by smreidy November 09, 2011
A game invented in the summer of 2011 by some bored kids in Maryland. The game requires at least four people, all with cell phones. Here are the instructions:

1) Circle around a ping pong table.
2) Get out your phone, and select a random contact. Start a new text message.
3) Put said phone on the table.
4) Have someone hit the ping pong ball. Every time someone hits the ball, press a random key on the phone and run to the next phone. Keep the ball in play for as long as possible.
5) When the ball goes out of play, hit the space bar on the nearest phone.
6) Repeat steps 4 and 5 until 5 words are written. Click 'send.' Rinse and repeat.

A great way to confuse the hell out of your text receiver.
Mike: Dude, I'm bored, what do you want to do?
Joe: Dude, let's gather the bros and play some text pong!
Mike: Awesome! I've been meaning to lose some friends.
by smreidy November 26, 2011
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