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to fully agree or understand
ex A. Person#1- 2+2=4

Person#2- 100%

ex B. Person#1- did you get what i was saying?

Person#2- 100%
by smoochmagooch16 March 26, 2010
A phrase a man uses to tell another person to give him oral sex. It is mainly used as a comeback.
You got a problem with me? You can go smooch-ma-gooch!
by Smoochmagooch16 March 22, 2010
A trashy looking girl that always has her love handles spilling over her jeans (muffin top) and looks like she sleeps around a lot.
#1: See that girl making out with that guy over there?
#2: Her? She looks like a slut muffin.
#1: She is. I did her last night.
by smoochmagooch16 March 24, 2010
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