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Def. 1: Widely known for being the King if the Demon Realm. The all-powerful manbeast whom members of the Gogarian faith view as their deity and supreme ruler.

Def. 2: Also an interjection used to describe any feeling or thought. It is appropriate to use this at anytime, no matter the situation.
Def. 1:
Jehovah's Witness: "I'd like to talk to you about accepting the lord Jesus Christ as your savior-"
Disciple of Gogar: "Fuck that shit lady, Hail Gogar!"

Def 2:
Masa Will: "What's up cracka jack?"
Slick B: "Not much bro."
Masa Will: "Gogar!"
by smokeypotter April 17, 2005
Another term used to describe the elusive Sieh Monster. The origin is unknown but many believe it to be created by the Beaves of The Saint Johns Wilderness. Legend has it that the Sieh Monster once slaughtered a colony of Beaves in a wild and unmitigated rage for the sheer pleasure of it. The Beaves refer to this event as "Sca rota lasuu ckura" or "Night of the Walking Death". This is the most widely accept theory of the Death Walker origin.
I was worried about bears entering the campsite, but I never expected to stumble upon this porno obsessed Death Walker in the midst of his masturbation time.
by smokeypotter June 26, 2005
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