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Racist name simular to "cracker" or "whitey"
You're going to die honkey
by smit February 24, 2005
a car BMW
shit av u seen that beama
by smit October 28, 2003
instead of using a dildo a woman uses a frozen banana
the woman on the porn film is using a banildo!
by Smit May 12, 2004
"Taioing it", it is the action within a text conversion where a individual takes large amounts of time to reply for no particular reason. Also it is required that this event is a constant throughout said text conversion or else it is not "Taioing it. Its a popular term from a cut "Seinfeld" episode but was surrounded around the answering machine. It has lately been becoming a more popular term. The episode was about a woman named Taio who did this to Jerry constantly, the episode was named "The Machine". It has been modified to fit a common tendency some people have during text converses.
Its been two hours bob, please stop taioing it.
#quickly #slow #response #responding #messaging
by SMit July 24, 2014
another way to call someone gay
dude you're such a crap stabber!!!
by Smit May 10, 2004
A mysterious product of unknown origins invented by Strong Sad upon consumption of two heaping spoonfuls of Sanka in his orange juice.
Get on the wood daver train.
by Smit December 16, 2003
Da coolest kid in the world as mite i add dead sexi ahaha
(nikki wants to fuck smit)
by smit March 30, 2005
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