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11 definitions by smendez

When a situation has escalated past the point of using the mild term "son of a bitch" it has become a son of a cunt.
"son of a bitch Johnny the brakes on the car are not working", "son of a cunt Stan here comes a semi truck!
by smendez April 03, 2010
27 6
a pathetic excuse for a man that forces young women to have sex with him.
"Don't rape that bitch Larry, everyone will call you Cocklessberger
by smendez April 22, 2010
7 1
The smell that originates in the crotch of bed bound patients in hospitals and nursing homes. The wretched odor is a combination of urine and loose stool mixed together and left to dry on the patients skin, resulting in the odor known as "peed'd up crotch funk"

The unbearable smell of poorly maintained incontinent patients confined to bed in a hospital or nursing home.
"We went to visit Grandma in the nursing home, and mommy threw up when she smelled Grandma's "peed'd up crotch funk". The whole nursing home stank of neglect and bodily fluids.
by smendez April 03, 2010
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Necro Vag... A rotting sweltering vagina that has to be surgically removed due to it's necrotic status. Symptoms include an eye blinding smell that wobbles the knees, imbues the lungs, and turns the stomach. An all encompassing odor that consumes a piece of your soul, and stains your very existence. One small whiff and your never the same again.
EXAMPLE..."Mrs smith has a severe case of Necro Vag from all donkey and gorilla sex she had while traveling with the circus"
by smendez April 11, 2010
6 2
the rate in which one object penetrates another. The term is usually used when describing how fast a penis penetrates a vagina during sex, but can be used to describe any kind of penetration by one object into another.
I use a high dick speed when fucking my wife, but a low dick speed when dipping my bread sticks in pizza sauce.
by smendez May 03, 2010
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Fuck Tard… a person in a position of power or authority that is a fucking retard, causing them to inadvertently fuck people over. This person is usually innocuous or benign, but is so stupid that they always fuck something up, causing someone to get fucked over.
EXAMPLE.. "My Fuck Tard boss shorted my paycheck again"
by smendez April 11, 2010
7 5
When a person intentionally acts to cause humiliation to another person.
That fucking"cock bite" Sam tripped me in front of my three year old son, then he pissed on me and threw rocks at me while my son watched and laughed. I hate that fucking "cock bite"
by smendez April 04, 2010
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