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the best soft drink ever, and the only one that does not copy coca-cola. It was cooler before they created a bunch variations (like berries and cream) and before they released a bunch of stupid commercials (like the "23 Flavors" and "Hold it" series). still the best though.
Successful businessman: Hey, you want some Dr Pepper?
Homeless man: Hell no I hate the stuff.
Successful businessman: You are going to hell.
by smb1967x June 01, 2007
noun; Something you spent a fortune on that doesn't live up to the anticipation, or gets old after a short period of time
That tempur-pedic mattress I just bought isn't that great. It's in iPod in mattress form.

That basketball goal I just had installed turned out to be an iPod. I never have time to use it.
by smb1967x June 05, 2007
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