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when one is fat enough that the bellybutton is surrounded in fat and belly button has enough fat surrounding it for it to become large enough to stick a penis into the hole and fuck it.
i don't know if i am fucking a vagina or a bellybutton but it feels damn good... i am a bellybutton fucker
by smashedflat January 03, 2008
This small flap of skin in the clitoris which gives extreme pleasure when shat on.
"Smack dat hoe in the vagy" Bill Clinton
by smashedflat November 13, 2007
a sexual act in where a german man takes a "shiza" on a womans vagina and pounds. Then after he has finised and ejaculates on the steaming mound of hot fudge, the two must share in eating the remaining feces. Try and enjoy!
Id like to give her the old german chocolate poundcake; im hungry AND horny!!!
by smashedflat November 13, 2007

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