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A person who is constantly complaining about the number of notifications they recieve on a status or tagged photo etc.
Often when they post a status which sparks a conversation between two others, resulting in a high notification count for the original status poster.
Jake Tyler is happy with his new iPhone.
John Barns: Ahh dude iPhone, that's sweet.
Jessie Farnsworth: Dude I've got an iPhone, it kicks ass.
John Barns: Jessie man, tell me about it. I've wanted one for so long!!!
Jessie Farnsworth: Well, it's small and black. Got a touch screen and everything!!!
Jake Tyler: Guys, I just got so many notifications, can you take this wall2wall.
John Barns: Dammit Jake, stop being such a Facebook Scrooge. We all know this is the only notification action you get.
Jessie Farnsworth: ROFLOL!!!1!!!!11
#facebook #scrooge #complaint #boring #screwge
by slyg May 10, 2009
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