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Gay Porn found in South America
Wow, that Cape Horn is pretty creepy
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
Styrofoam packing "peanuts," specifically the white variety.
As I opened my box from the Home Shopping Network, a strong gust of wind blew the clown poop all over the yard.
by Sluggo June 17, 2006
Orange-flavored psyllium husk fiber dietary supplement, most commonly marketed under the name Metamucil as well as other generic brands.
Every night before bed, I have a tall glass of Papa's Tang to speed things along in the morning!
by Sluggo June 17, 2006
When you buy a case of beer, put the beer in the fridge and use the box as your kitchen garbage can
After you drink your Iron City you must use your getto garbage can.
by sluggo December 03, 2004
Pleasuring oneself with inordinate or excessive frequency, if such a thing is possible.
After finally landing in prison, it was poetic justice when Short Eyes was taught that sodomy is exasturbation's scarier, more aggressive, inbred homo cousin.
by Sluggo December 18, 2004
(verb) to think
UNderage kids would say:
Hey we've got to do some serious rodining if we're to score some beer
by Sluggo January 13, 2003
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