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1. To make a problem or situation worse by masturbating to it. This can be done by either masturbating to the people involved, or the predicament itself.
2. To make a problem or situation worse by masturbating.
Exasturbate is a cross between the words masturbate and the dictionary definition of exacerbate
1. Pete did not realize that he was only making his recent divorce to his ex-wife far more painful by excessively masturbating to her topless bakini photos from the time they spent their honeymoon at a nude beach in France. Pete's exasturbation eventually led him to commit suicide.
2. Johnny really wants to shape up, find a job and become an active member of society. Unfortunately his excessive masturbating is preventing him from finding a productive use of his time. If Johnny really wants to stop living his life cum to cum, he will need to end his destructive exasturbating immediately.
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by Anonymouslyer May 19, 2015
Pleasuring oneself with inordinate or excessive frequency, if such a thing is possible.
After finally landing in prison, it was poetic justice when Short Eyes was taught that sodomy is exasturbation's scarier, more aggressive, inbred homo cousin.
by Sluggo December 18, 2004
Excessive masturbation,
Pleasuring oneself repetitively to the point of an obsession.
ex. exasturbation is common on Christian campuses.

origin: LWJS 2343
#masterbation #exasturbation #exasterbation #masturbation #pleasure
by Suite of Scandle April 28, 2009
When someone is telling an obviously embellished story to stroke their own ego and/or make themselves look good, but they end up looking like a douche canoe instead.
Every time I hear Brian's skydiving story he adds in new exaggerations. I wish he would stop with the exasturbation.
#exaggeration #embellishment #exacerbation #lie #one-uping
by OblongShlong August 02, 2013
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