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san jose, the place to be, aint no compeatin wit the 408 , above it all
person 1- ey where u come from

person2- u know im reppin that 408

person 1- ohhh that place is off the chains

person2- fa sho, fa sho
by slug August 03, 2004
1. (Noun) A person who rhymes usually to a beat and using urban slang
***Regaurdless of the Stereotype, a rapper can be of any race. Latino, White and of Course black. Black people were the pioneers and continue today to be the most successful rappers- however that does not mean a black man should be selfish and keep anybody from being involved in an art that they discovered. Eminem is a lyrical Genius and one of very few talented white Rhymers. Sen Dog (from cypress hill) is a wonderful example of a skilled latino rapper. Swifty McVay is an amazing rapper of the many in BLack ones who are.***
Wow that rapper can rhyme any word he is given
by Slug February 07, 2004
punk treysie, good fo nothin, wannabe DUCE cant no place,
person 1. u see that treysie run like a punk when he saw dem DUCE come.

person 2. wow, cant believe it, treysies aint shit but DUCE biches, 187 on dem wanksta's
by slug April 21, 2004
Oday doesn't know how to make a trailer for a movie...
"Oday, that trailer sucked!!"
by slug January 30, 2004
A prison in which inmates are treated horribly. The prison inmates have to wear green strait jackets and kakhi pants. The clothes constantly rip because they have been french toasted. They must go through a daily toture of Saw-dee, bash-rat, and did-mark. All tortures are beyond imagination and are painful just to simply think about.
The prison warden of ACA put her own son in the prison.
by slug November 19, 2003
slang for almaden valley
lets roll up to a town, shits always bumpin there.
by slug May 30, 2004

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