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A girl/woman who wipes her ass under her pussy (or top to bottom) thus exposing her pussy and all pubic region to fecal matter.

Holy shit, I was going to eat out J-Lo last night, but when I got down there her shit stank like diarrhea. Bitch is an underwiper.
by slole1 April 21, 2009
Eye glasses or sunglasses worn strictly for fashion purposes and to block ejaculate from getting in the eyes during oral sex - usually a must when performing a bukkake.
Me: The freshman girl from the dorms told me she was gonna come over and suck our whole fraternity off.

Todd: Really? She better bring her bukkake blinds or else she will end up in the hospital with an eye infection like the last girl.
by slole1 August 09, 2011
To masturbate and take your ejaculate when finished and wipe it on random/non-random things.
Matt: Dude, you squid and the whale'd the rental car seat?

Chris: There was a napkin but it was a good size load so it didn't get it all!
by slole1 May 28, 2011
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