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1) n. compensation for stolen girl scout cookies.

2) v. the process of having a senior citizen mud butt in someone's hand and then throwing at on the first seen innocent girl scout.
1) We must conduct a pie exchange you rat bastard!
2) When I get my AARP card we are pie exchange errybody.
by slippery dingo February 21, 2011
n. An ingrown pubic hair on the underbutt.

-Common occurrence among extremely overweight men wearing denim riding rascals through Six Flags Over Georgia during the months of August.

- Also has sporadically occurring in females with excessive peri-anal hair and type 2 hyperhidrosis
While riding the scooter at Wal-Mart, DeWayne realized the the coarse leather seat has popped his Lone Chilean Miner, causing a sour stench to radiate from his underbutt.
by Slippery Dingo March 23, 2012

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