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The movements of a panty clad female(usually topless) around the house between sexual episodes. Day or weekend long scampering is know as a scamperfest. Usually occuring pre-marriage but scampering can continue after marriage in good relationships.
1. She was over all weekend scampering around.
2. We are going to lock ourselves up in this house and have a scamperfest.
by Slipkid May 11, 2006
1) A woman that grips on to pillows while having sex with her ass hiked up in the air (doggy style) and achieves such an orgasmic state that she unknowingly peels the pillow case right off of the pillow.
2) An orgasm achieved by a woman while in the doggy style position that is so intense it causes her to peel the pillow case off the pillow she is gripping on to.
1) I love boinking that girl because she is such a pillow peeler.
2) That orgasm I had last night was a serious pillow peeler.
by slipkid June 12, 2006
To taunt or otherwise heckle canoeists, rafters, kayakers, etc as they make their way down a river. Especially fun near river hazards that can cause navigation difficulties. Taunts may be concealed by referring to them as professional canoeists/rafters/kayakers before starting any detailed heckling. For some reason the sarcasm is rarely noticed. To maintain good river relationships each heckle session should be terminated with a "Job well done."
1)Prototype River Heckling dialog usually goes like this: Here come some professional kayakers. Look how they handle that craft. Job well done.

2)River Heckling occured from the banks as the "professional" rafters paddled by.
by Slipkid July 18, 2006
The act of disappearing and reappearing throughout the day in several different locations without being seen leaving or coming. Somewhat of a mysterious condition known to manifest itself in some individuals more so than other. It's appearance seems to be magnified by mind altering substances.

Is Dustin showing signs of Several Differal Places or is it just me.

He appears to have a case of Several Differal Places.
by Slipkid June 21, 2006
Indian tradition of reaching around your wife at a formal event and grabbing a breast. This is usually done for photo opportunities. Traditionally it is the left breast but either breast may be groped during the ghaghara grope.
Dhanya received a Ghaghara grope by her husband at her brothers wedding.

The Ghaghara grope tradition started in southern India.
by Slipkid January 17, 2008

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