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Subscribing to a lifestyle/child-rearing/educational philosophy based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, a Waldorfian believes that a child's spirit and physical being are at least as important as his/her intellectual being.

The Waldorfian believes there is nothing funny about 14 year old boys wearing flowers in their hair and skipping around a May pole, and is often out of touch with popular culture due to the fact that they "don't do media."

A middle-aged Waldorfian often looks several years older than her chronological age due to sun exposure, an aversion to hair dye, and possibly frequent use of pharmacological substances in her younger years.

A Waldorfian may felt wool that has been naturally dyed in organic vegetable juice, and dress herself and her children in wool hats and socks even in the summer.
He's obsessed with the Wii at his friend's house because his parents are Waldorfian.
by slightlyoutoftouch May 16, 2011

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