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The process by which one freezes a shit (either ones own or that of a close peer or one you founnd lying around ie the park etc) once said shit is adequately solidified, the lucky homo sapian then proceeds to use his new weapon of destruction as a dildo. NB this can be use to pleasure any oroface into which it will fit.
slickback jack comes back from a hard day at the seabass farm, and says to his wife hmmm i wonder what i shall endulge in this eve..... I know darling how about we use that frozen turd from yesterday to partake in some iceberging.... sounds like a plan
by slickback-jack March 08, 2008
A bass bomb can only be described as the inntense, pungent arroma one encounters when enering a room inhabitated by slim 'seabass' jim aka slick back jack. The bass bomb is an uncontrolable release of odour into the sourrounding atmosphere including furniture and clothing.
dom takes a seat in the living room
Dom: shit that fucking hums whos queefed
Dil: nah mate that aint queef slim jus dropped a bass bomb
Dom: fuck that shit, i'm out boys
by slickback-jack March 08, 2008

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