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During the heat of the summer or, occasionally, those rare cold moments in Las Vegas when undesirable conditions happen outside, the local porn vendors forego standing outside pushing their little cards and instead cram their literature into all the helpless limbs of the local foliage,then proceed to take refuge inside the climate controlled goodness. Thus creating the "porn tree".
"man it's hot out here".
"ya, but at least the porn trees are in full bloom".
by slick ass October 16, 2008
adj.Combination of nepotism and opportunist. Some one who takes advantage of their family.
bill's been living with his sister for 6 months since his wife kicked him out. what a nepotunist.
by slick ass August 08, 2008
made up sexual position. conceived after trying to think of all the obscure names out there now. later, the definition was made. In the doggystyle position, the "giver" reaches around and rubs their own ass crack real good, then proceeds to cover the "takers" face,strangling them with ass hand.
i was giving her the mexican strangler good last night and she puked.
by slick ass June 20, 2008

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