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Someone who drives a Caddy, but cannot make the payments. Someone who has a new Lexus but lives in a trailor park. Someone who wears fashionable labels, but cannot afford lunch. Someone who just got their paycheck and is spending it to impress rather than paying their bills.
Example: Wow, two thousand dollar rims on a four hundred dollar car, he must be a "ten cent millionaire"
by sleeping grinch February 09, 2010
A letter held by mytimeship.com that will only be delivered once a certian event has taken place, such as a death, birthday, marriage or whatever other trigger that the sender mandates.
Example 1:
One year after Hugo's death, I recieved a "trigger letter" from him telling me what a ______ I am? Insert your favorite insult or compliment in the blank, depending of course how Hugo felt about you....
Example 2: Susan always had to get the last word, but I sent her a "trigger letter" which will give her a grave suprise.
by sleeping grinch February 09, 2010

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