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Popular 80's thrash metal band with hits like "Toxic Waltz" and "Pirahna." A lot more violent than Metallica were in their heyday, but still s second-tier act similar to Testament.
Why Exodus and Testament never made it bigger than Metallica and Megadeth is beyond me.
by slavetical June 07, 2003
Intense, throttling metal band from the island of guam. Not to be taken lightly. Bunch of crazy bastards who like to listen to way too much death and black metal and consume alcoholic beverages
"slavesoul tore me a new asshole at that last gig."
by slavetical May 13, 2003
Bad-ass mofo who's got his krunk shit together. The main meat in the stew.
"slavetical iz all like, phreakin' bustin it today."
by slavetical May 28, 2003
Wicked-ass ska band from guam. Actually has horn players, compared to other silly ska bands with that guitar-keyboard instrument bullshit. Comparable to Reel Big Fish and the Specials in their prime.

Still doesn't hold a candle to slavesoul when it comes to jaw-dropping anal fistin' live shows, though.
"My friends play for a Moniskat 7, a ska band. They get the chicks wet."
by slavetical June 07, 2003
What happens when a people shag to Michael Bolton.
"Dude she hit my brundal."
by slavetical May 28, 2003
a) When a couple tries to achieve simultaneous orgasms by choreographed gyrations during fellatio.

b) The practice thereof.
"when the Cuban missile crisis is the most interesting thing to talk about, that's fuckin' Doppler, dude."
by slavetical June 07, 2003
Sexual Orifice
You know that song, Low S.O.
by slavetical June 02, 2003
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