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Xenogears is a JRPG developed and published by Squaresoft. It came out 1998 for the Playstation 1.
The game is about a young man named Fei who lives in the small village of Lahan. But when a squad of robotic war machines called 'Gears' crash land in Lacan an unfortunate event changes Fei's life completely...

The game's most outstanding feature is it's very deep and complex story heavily influenced by Animes like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell. It handles topics like religion and human relationship very critical.

Unfortunately Square decided to use some of Xenogears budget for their mediocre 8th installment of Final Fantasy. The result was a major change in story telling from CD1 to CD2. While you play out most of the plot on CD1, CD2's storytelling is more like a book and rushes through the story, unfortunately.

Currently there is no sequel planned, even though many people would appreciate it more than a new fancy, flashy and shallow Final Fantasy.
<Moron> Dude, Final Fantasy 7's story is da best, no game could ever match that!
<Me> Then I recommend you play Xenogears, but it might be too much for your brain.
by slagaphore July 13, 2009
Users who give every definition a thumb down, although it's correct and neutral
Germany is a country in middle Europe.

100 up , 11 down

Down rated by Urban Dictionary trolls
by slagaphore April 20, 2009
The probably most overrated villain from the probably most overrated game Final Fantasy 7.

Even though he is a villian and an oh so evil genetically mutated madman, all he did was backstabbing a weak girl, burning down a tiny village and guiding a giant rock to the planet to be killed by a spikey haired emo kid and his friends in the end.
He also features the typical disorders of modern JRPG/Anime characters like huge ass swords, bishie look, an oh so tragic past, belts, zippers and leather.
His deep and complex ambition is to become a god. Duh. He also has an oedipus complex.
<53phir0th> OMFG SepHi iz liek so c0ool!!11
<Person_with_brain> If Sephiroth hadn't a 3 meter long sword and didn't look like a total Drag Queen, nobody would fucking care about him.
by slagaphore July 13, 2009

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