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The stuff that dudes eat when their girlfriend pisses them off by taking them to a chick food restaurant via the start of the Burger King Texas Double Whopper commercial.

The Stuff that John Cena claims eat in The Subway commercials---pure cold cut meat LOL.

The Stuff The That Burger King has readily Available 24/7
Harold : Dude My Food Box Is Empty Lets Get Some Grub.

Kumaar: Cool,Instead of going to White Castle lets hit Burger King And Get Some Man Food.

Harold: Two Texas Double Whoppers sounds great I'll get the car.
by Slade Technics January 12, 2007
1. To Be Up For 24 Hours Or More.
2. Something Than Happens To Terrorist.
3. A Card You Don't Want To Play.
4. Something You Say When Someone Is Harassing You For Info.
News Reporter: Numerous Terrorist Around the Globe Have Been Killed By an Unknown Gunner brandishing a Silenced Nine millimeter.
Me: Must Be Jack Bauer.
by Slade Technics December 19, 2006
1. World largest terrorist funded organization in the world. All members are lapdog puppets hand picked specifically by the Illuminati to carry out the ultimate plan and diversion. Which is to rob the the middle class and poor of rights, liberties and overall freedom and take over the entire world through fear and strong arm tactical invasions of weaker nations in order to gain the ultimate pursuit Capital Imperialism.

2. Criminals Against Humanity, Period.
Think Of A-team:

In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to hell by a military court for a crime they did commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security hell hole via funding and support by the powers that be to the Washington D.C Underground. Today, still wanted by bounty hunters, Defenders of the Constitution and the oppressed, they survive as terrorists of fortune. If you have a problem - that no one else can help - and if you can't find them - maybe its a by product of: The Bush Administration.
by Slade Technics November 29, 2006
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