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A name for a person who declines an invitation to a social situation or event, without a valid excuse. Usually occurs when someone is invited out but decides to stay in for the night simply because they are "kind of tired".
Mike: Hey Brad I'm on my way I'll be at your place in 20 mins to start pregaming.

Brad: Where is Will? I thought he said he was coming?

Mike: Nah he is being a dead horse. He decided to stay in by himself and solojerk to Netflix instead. F him

Brad: F it
by Skydiver November 19, 2014
Having sex while sky diving. Most couples prefer to accomplish this before parachute deployment, but if not finished in time, simultaneous deployment is imperative.
Ron attempted his first sky fucking jump, but things went terribly wrong when someone pulled the rip cord too soon.
by skydiver April 26, 2008
Also known as DZ, this is a place you go to jump out of an aircraft, land, and repeat.
Bob: Hey man what the hell are you doing with that large backpack?

Matt: I'm headed down to the dropzone to do some skydiving.
by Skydiver March 29, 2012
Usually said in the black community, or said intentionally by a white towards a black to inflict racist meaning.
Jonathin: Andwew will you get me sum alcohol pwease?
Andrew: John Shut the fuck up newbie. Get your own alcohol.
Jonathin: Nigga Pwease!!
by Skydiver November 28, 2005

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