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A dude's two testicles.
This guy is such a wuss, he acts like he doesn't even have a pair.
by skyblack April 03, 2004
The plural form of eunuch.
A Dilbert comic strip...

The Boss: "My boss says we need some eunuch programmers."

Dilbert says: "I think he means Unix, not eunuchs. And I already know Unix."

The Boss: "If the company nurse drops by, tell her I said 'never mind.'"
by skyblack June 13, 2004
A conversation between two people carried out by electronic means, i.e., a cell phone, an online chat, etc.
During my lunch break, I took out my cell phone and 2-wayed my friend.
by skyblack September 09, 2004
The plural of castrato.

Not to be confused with bishi, though they look exactly the same.
Am I the only one who thinks that all thin, long-limbed, and androgenous anime boys look like castrati?
by skyblack December 21, 2004
NOT the Beatles.

Did some fine things back in the '90's, though. "Cast No Shadow" is pretty good.
"And by the way, could we stop with the Hussein-Hitler analogies? Saddam Hussein is Hitler like Oasis was the Beatles. Everyone rushes into a comparison with the giants in the industry, be it pure evil or the music business - not that those are two different things." -- Bill Maher
by skyblack November 26, 2004
Jerry Springer knows how to handle a bunch of hicks and ghetto divas. He does it on his talk show, but he attained this skill elsewhere: JERRY SPRINGER USED TO BE THIS CITY'S MAYOR.

If that's not enough, this is also the home of Marge Schott, Pete Rose, Nick Lachey, Article 12 (anti-gay legislation), and the April 2001 race riots.

Go Bengals!
The only way to live in Cincinnati is to convince yourself that the situation is temporary.
by skyblack March 21, 2004

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