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stands for cisco certified network assholes, people who thinks they can configure LANs, WANs with bridges, routers, switchs, just cause they know how to calculate subnet masks and run protocols that are 4 or less characters long i.e. IGRP, IP/TCP.
alan: I know CCNA!
eoghan: did you passed the exam yet?
alan: er.... no, not yet
eoghan: looser, now i have to get back to my CCIE and hack the FBI

alan: so what have you done since you started the course?
ian: I finally got my laptop to talk to my router
alan: isn't that laptop running appletalk?
ian: .... yeah? so?
alan: did you re-encapsulate the packets?
ian: ....
alan: dude where you going?
by skunkyonacid February 20, 2008

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