19 definitions by skin-nerd

An annoying 48 by 48 pixel image with blinking text and borders showing how incredibly goth or cute they are, only to know it's probably some fat chick with acne problems.
LOL ya im so cute i luk at me evry nite and say omg im so cute.
by Skin-Nerd July 19, 2005
Another word for shit, not involving the word nigger, which you emphasize the "niggit" part of the word.
Dude, you just totally pissed your pants.
Oh, shizNIGGIT.
by Skin-Nerd January 12, 2006
A little old woman depicted in cartoons as a hunchbacked russian with wrinkly skin and white hair up in a bun with remarkably tiny glasses and complains to his husband about every damn thing, often bakes cookies.
Grandmas are really old.
by Skin-Nerd July 19, 2005
A really bad song by Bowling for Soup that tells you when music was once good. Most of you probably wouldn't know because chances are you're a twelve year old prep who cheers on songs about people and places you wouldn't have a damned clue about.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
A channel with little childrens shows in the morning that are immediately interrupted by two people urging you to buy crap nonbody wants.
Mommy! Mommy! Barney told us to count to ten and sign up for this club and recieve a worthless Barney tote bag!
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
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