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1 definition by skiddlecrumms

not realy a definition, but, to all the people complaining. rap is like some have previously stated, 75% crap. now this 75% would be artists such as 50cent or souljaboy(how ever the f*** he spells it). very commercial.but the few good (or old) rappers o rap groups can be lumped into oldschool, hip-hop, or the 25% that doesn't blow. these include public enemy, and 2pac. then the mostly crap artists, like eminem, who have 1-4 good songs out of the many they have written.
"Look I done changed up bitch, I done came up My neck, my wrist, my ears, my fists are all blinged up"-50cent

" He tried to bite me
He tried to get me
I turned around and I
Hit him with my bike
They picked me up
Put me in a wagon
The bottom fell out and my ass start draggin"-public enemy
the difference between good rap and bad rap
by skiddlecrumms November 02, 2008