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A rushed female bath that only includes the pussy, tits, and armpits.
I woke up late this morning and only had time for a PTA bath.
by sketchygurl September 03, 2010
Term used primarily by gay men to describe a cute, muscular, little, stocky guy that's perfect for spooning with.
Did you know that Seth Green is only 5'4" tall?

Yes, he is so humpy!
by sketchygurl September 03, 2010
Following closely behind a pedestrian in a parking lot or garage hoping that they are headed for their car to leave.
I wish they would expand the parking garage. I'm tired of getting up early to spend 20 minutes heelgating every morning.
by sketchygurl October 15, 2010
The rough come down from Crystal Meth. Crystal meth is also called Tina. Ike Turner beat Tina Turner, so the harsh comedown from Tina can be equated to the beatings Tina received from Ike Turner.
Girl, you did so much Tina last night. You know Ike is gonna be knocking on your door any time now.
by sketchygurl September 16, 2010

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