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The Sun is an old urban legend.
It is said that every twenty thousand years a leprechaun called Rupert pisses in God's face.
After this act of heroism Rupert brings down to Earth a mythical glowing orb which leaves humans (expecially the dwellers of Huddersfield) speachless.
This ball of divinity is said to have magical powers that deny skywater its reign of terror and finally allow a decent fucking skate!
There can be no example for this miraculous feat as it leaves us all speachless but apparantly i have to use the word 'sun'.
by skate_maniac August 27, 2008
A shit hole on the face of humanity. It is comonly pronounced in a Yorkshire accent to sound like a city of cows: "'uddersfield". Located in West Yorkishire, Huddersfield is the home of many low achieving dick head chavs. And they all look like shit.
"Ye b lets go to Huddersfield and ting and pop a cap in some dirty moshers ass. HD5 BRAP!!!!"

"Innit, Huddersfield is bare where all da G's are!"
by skate_maniac October 15, 2007

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