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The annoying situation of trying to shit in a public lavatory which suddenly becomes busy with people. Effort is made to shit as quietly as possible but failure to do so leads to a loud embarassing splash which is clearly heard by all. So named after the "Doppler effect", whereby a moving object emanating sound, changes pitch as it's distance to the subject listening increases/decreases.
(1) Man(upon rejoining his wife): Honey, I'm so embarassed - do you think they're all looking at me 'cos they know it was me that Doppler shitted?

(2) Hey, I think that's the guy that laid that Doppler shit we heard earlier. Noisy fucker couldn't control it - shoulda put down some paper first.
by sixxon June 18, 2007
When using the words "cock" or "prick" singularly are just not strong enough to describe how utterly stupid somebody is.
Person 1: Hey, did you about Dedrick, he got caught trying to break into the White House in broad daylight while wearing his "I'm a terrorist" t-shirt.

Person 2: Man, that guy has got to be the biggest cock-prick on the planet!!

Person 3: Nah, the biggest cock-prick on the planet is the fuck that lives in the Whitehouse!!
by sixxon June 18, 2007
Brainwashed human (typically from the Western hemisphere) that believes that they cannot live without the trappings of western life. Eg: they will exhibit extremely neurotic behaviour if they are ever without their mobile-phone, television, gameboy, i-pod, fast-food, car, make-up etc.
Extra Terrestrial 1: These humans are funny creatures - they could live in perfect harmony with their planet but instead they choose to create systems and structures that become huge distractions from the truth.

ET 2: Yes, then they become addicted to that which they have created. I think that makes them system addicts just like the now extinct Grippolians.
by sixxon June 18, 2007
Either someone you live with or a guest in your shared house that regularly and consistently steals everyone elses essentials - like bread, milk, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo etc, without ever re-paying or replacing.
Steve: Hey d'ya mind if my buddy Craig comes to stay a while?

Greg: No way man. Last time that guy stayed it cost me a fortune, he's a friggin' sential thief!
by sixxon June 19, 2007
When someone is completely blind to a situation.
Person 1: Did you hear that Charlie got passed over for that promotion again?

Person 2: Jeesus, that's like the 20th time isn't it. When is that guy gonna learn that he's wasted 30 years of his life in that job - we've known for years that he's just not cut out for that type of work!

Person 1: Yeah I know, he's so fucking blind to his situation though - stupid bollock eyed prick!!

Person 2: Yeah, those fucking bollock eyes of his - Jeesus!
by sixxon June 18, 2007
The fairly common act exhibited by someone when nervous, worried or scared about a situation. Symptoms involve the removal of skin from around the nail area of a finger(s) - either using fingers or teeth.
Joey: I don't know wot you're worried about man, I mean you studied hard for that exam - I don't get why you need to pickus digitus.

Rick: Yeah you're right, but it's this bad habit I got.
by sixxon June 19, 2007
Common term used to describe a typical singing contestant on any reality television talent contest show, such as Pop Idol.
Dec: Hey, wot ya doin on Saturday night?

Ant: Fuck all, so I'll probably end up watching TV - that Pop Idol shit is on.

Dec: Oh yeah, I don't know how you can sit through that fucking bullshit - they're all a bunch of talentless fucks.

Ant: I know, you're right, they're all a bunch of fucking ratsingers but I like watching it anyway.

Dec: Prick!
by sixxon June 18, 2007
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