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A very smart, sweet girl. Who's kind to everyone and is a peer supporter at her school. She's into vampires and like helping other people with any prolems they may have. All in all she is a great person.
example? well isn't that up there?
by six March 31, 2005
When someone who is no longer a college undergraduate gets as drunk as they did when they were a college undergraduate, that person is said to be 'undergrad drunk.'
It's 3pm and Jeff is still puking. He must have been undergrad drunk last night.
by six December 29, 2004
A vey hot chick who is nice, sweet, kind, funny, and apparently good in bed.
hey ariel, sup?
by six March 02, 2004
A sexually ambiguous pretty boy with potatoe fetish.

Someone who writes slash for the sake of terrifying others
I fucking hate Goblin King. He's so much more popular then I am.
by Six January 18, 2004
To cut a hole in a poster / picture / photo etc usually around the mouth or crotch, and proceed to perform lude acts involving your penis and/or toungue.
Wow, I got a Christina Aguilera poster and she's so hot!!!

*late that night, he cuts a hole in the poster furtles it*
by Six April 04, 2004
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