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8 definitions by sistuuhslick_x3

a wicked hick school located in North Scituate even though the students who go there live in Foster Glocester. Ponaganset students typically never have school because of "no school foster, glocester." They are Known as the home of the chieftians or home of the ponaganset potheads. we have a sweet music program though one of the best. Every that goes here is usually high. Also their are a lot of pervert teachers that teach here. Everyone likes to fight, mainly chicks, even though their clearly both equally slutty. This school blows unless you like weed and alcohol then your in the right place! we love to party
boy:woah i got lost and ended up at this hick high school
girl: musta been ponaganset high, you get any weed bro
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
the most hick town in RI. known for rednecks and hicks. Also is commonly compared to the movie "the hills have eyes" due to fucking creeps that wonder the streets. known for "no school Foster Glocester" is a famous quote. Foster has more keggers than you'd ever imagine and 12 year old kids here could probably drink more beer than the average mother fuckers. Foster party's dirty south style and proud of it. We party in the woods with our red solo cups. Common music played here is country & rap. Country songs usually are about alcohol, typically beer and the rap pertains to banging sluts. We are also home of the ponaganset pothead. only about 1% of the people do not smoke weed in our town. The average family has 1-2 marijuana plants growing in our yard. You can find us on our big green tractors mother fuckers. Chevy & Ford is 99% of the car driving population!
guy1 i went to this banging party last night, i got so fucked up

guy2 where was it bro?

guy1 in Foster, RI i never seen so much pot and beer in my life man it was siick

guy2 dude road trip to Foster mad soon yoo
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
the term referred to people who enjoy salt on their food. They are commonly morbidly obese or over weight. also these people are commonly polish females, who love fries and popcorn with extra salt, more so than average population of america.
guy 1:dude you see that girl, she put the whole salt shaker on her meal!

guy 2: yeah bro shes a saltz for sure, what a dumb polock
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
One of the best parts of Rhode island. We are so fucking fun & have the best times. In truth we are on of the more Ghetto cities of Rhode Island but its the mother fucking city, what do you expect. Lock up your valuables because they 99% will get stolen. West Warwick is home to some of the best fighters, come find us if you don't believe. We throw the best fucking parties, weed, beer, vodka, dont get much better. ALso we have the best looking females and males. Cant beat us bitches.
darian - girl im going to the best party later tonight
kiesha- where is it at ? lemme guess West Warwick, RI?
darian - fuck yeah, you down ?
kiesha- yeah bitch!
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 24, 2011
a white trash town located in RI, filled with wanna-be thugs and g's. Coventry is the most white-trashiest town in the state and is not liked by any of the towns/cities in RI. The majority of people that go here think they're "mad ghetto" but actually aren't, considering they don't even live in the mother fucking city. Just because you have a walmart and mai thai chink restaurant doesn't mean your a city. Coventry is filled with fast food restaurants everywhere. Basically this town sucks because all you can do is party in the woods, go to paine park, and smoke weed. Most of the people that live here have no lives and are very disgusting people. residents living near tiogue, and s. main street are the most "wanna-be g's" because they are in the main civilization part of coventry. People here tend to love fighting others specifically from warwick and/or johnston. Coventry thinks their tough shit, but are actually pathetic bitches. The rest of the state accepts this behavior simply because we feel bad for Coventry's drastic need for attention.
matt:That girl tells everyone she tried to commit suicide, for attention
Kevin: she must be from coventry, if she's acting like that
Matt: your right every one from coventry is a fucking pussy
Kevin: i know that place is a joke
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
a slut who makes up lies to try and steal your boyfriend, because its your boyfriends crazy ex. Typically tends to have an obsession with people by the name of matt. When you see a Reilly and her friends out in public, they are very obnoxious and annoying.
maddie " this girl keeps messgaing me stuff about my bf telling me hes cheating on me and about how he grinded with other girls at homecoming!'
Cass "isnt that your bf's ex girlfriend, she's such a reilly telling you lies like that, frankie would never do that to you girl!"
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011
very pretty, but extremely fake. Everything is always funny to kylan's their always laughing, even though its not funny. Girls like this Used to be against drinking and smoking but now typically gets high and wasted every weekend. They also enjoy peeing on peoples floors in their houses. This behavior is generally misunderstood and very irrational, but is accepted as a weird urinal fetish to the Kylan population. Kylans tend to think they are popular but in fact are not liked by many due to them blowing off their friends to hang out with older people because they think they're really cool. They are generally bad friends and girlfriends because of a majorly jealously problem. look out for her calves(;
riley: "did you see that bitch pee on floor in front of everyone and soak it up with a towel?"
taylor: "yeah, that girl is such a kylan! i and everyone else on the entire planet would never do that, especially in another persons house!"
riley: "i know right? she thinks were best friends but i could never be friends with a loser like that."
by sistuuhslick_x3 December 17, 2011