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An enormous strand of feces left in most if not all restrooms across North America that wasnt flushed.The brown trout maybe found in all of your friendly local truckstops,fast food spots,place of employment,or even in the conveinence of your own home.In your adventure in searchimg for the brown trout you may run across its ugly as sin cousin the Yellow eyed Brown Trout<turd with corn inside> dont be alarmed its harmless.Warning although the word trout is in its name NEVER EVER TRY TO EAT THE BROWN TROUT.
Matt:Hey mom guess what?
Mom:What hunnie?
Matt:I saw a brown trout today!
Mom:Good for you but wait you didnt eat it did you?
Matt:No way mommy brown trout carry bacteria!
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
uncut skin srounding the very tip of the penis also known as faggot's bubble gum.
dude i really need to do something about my foreskin its causing a massive jizz block in my urthera.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
Adverb meaning to get down and dirty with a female.
"We hopped on the good foot and did the Bowchickabowbow all night long"
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
to make along story short its the gentlemen's way of saying:"Yo bitch lets fuck right now!"its also done very quickly and to make it an offical wham bam thank you mam never talk to the woman again in your live.
Sir Manchowder:so sanchez what did u and "lisa" do last night?
Sir Sanchez:oh just gave her a wham bam thank you mam thats all.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
To have a massive erection which stands directly upward making it look as if there is a skyscraper in ones pants.May be easily spotted if one were to wear sweatpants.
You may wanna tuck that,it looks like your packin a skyliner between your legs.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ March 09, 2005
a vagina designed with red pubic hair giving it a copper tint.
i wonder if shes gotta copper box
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 27, 2005
Refers to the nasty brand of beer called Milwaukee's Best Lite.This is one of the worst tasting beers that was ever brewed.Imangine taking a sip from a cup that tastes like someone pissed in it 3 hours before you drank it well that would be the aweful taste of "The Beast".Word of advice when drinking beer go for a lager not a piss colored or tasting frost brewed peice of crap.
Man#1:Wanna cold one?
Man#2:Yea sure.
Man#1: You Want Yungling or "The Beast"?
Man#2:Yungling bro "The Beast" tastes like Im swishing around piss in my mouth.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ March 12, 2005

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