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the funniest way to misspell "stereotype"... i can't believe there are 3 (now 4) definitions for this word rofl
please learn how to spell kids
by sinstone June 01, 2005
the video game series that used to be for video game geeks but now is now unfortunately enjoyed by all, including the people that used to beat me up for liking these games
video game nerd: i <3 ff
jock: so do i, halo2 rocks too!
by sinstone April 17, 2005
something you grunt when you are confused
"like wtf? huh? zaun? wazahun?
by sinstone April 24, 2005
Great store that sells clothes. Kinda smells funny in there though...
You smell like American Eagle.
by Sinstone February 25, 2005
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