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glwat: the texting version of "good luck with all that."
this term was popularized by the 90's sitcom seinfeld, in the serenity now episode, to express general malaise & lack of concern at someone else's crappy sitch.

"George: So, that's it. All of my darkest fears, and... everything I'm capable of. That's me.

Jerry: Yikes. Well, good luck with all that."
buck: " my mother in law is coming in for a 4 week visit and staying in my bedroom."

sue: "well, glwat."

sue: "i heard jane got engaged and is planning on getting married in 6 months."

Buck: "Really? Well, glwat."

buck: "i am going to get up by 6 am every morning, and go to the gym before work."

Sue: "uh, huh. glwat."
by singlewithvodka July 02, 2009

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