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The lonely situation you find yourself in, after using methamphetamine. Typically, broke, with no job, falling apart, stuttering, wondering why you pulled into this parking lot "What the hell was I doing just now?" when all your "new best friends" have left you for better and you feel like it's the end of the world.
"Look at the big meth I made this time."
by sindazed July 26, 2005
State of consciousness one is left with after an encouter with Cindy. The state usually includes daydreaming of Cindy, wishing Cindy was still present, wanting to call Cindy day or night (particularly when one is drunk,) and searching for remnants of Cindy online. These effects are normal and expected.
On Cindy's all-expense paid trip to Hollywood, Brad Pitt gave her a ride (woo! hoo!) in his kickass private limo. When she left his sight, he sat sindazed with a longing smile on his face, staring off into space - he was the happiest man alive.
by sindazed March 17, 2005
A unexplainable technical outage that causes end-users to despise network administrators. Typically, the term "hiccup" is used either:

to "dumb down" the explanation for the less-technically-inclined
because the network administrator hasn't a clue about what has happened and doesn't want anyone to know he can't explain the problem.
The reason you couldn't login to your computer this morning was due to a "technical hiccup" and has thus been fully digested. Thank you for your patience and have a nice day.
by sindazed December 19, 2005
The ability of being equally adept to drinking from each hand. Wikipedia says this about a similar word, ambidextrous:

"Studies have shown that ambidextrous people are more emotionally independent, more determined, more adaptable to new situations and more apt to handle problems without giving up." -Wikipedia

Therefore, one can conclude that ambidrinkstrous people are also more emotionally independent upon drinks, more determined to drink with both hands, more adaptable to new drinks and more apt to handle problems without giving up drinking from both hands simultaneously.
Cinderella & her ugly sisters entered the ball. Quickly, Cinderella was handed two drinks by two different gentleman, because she ONLY had two hands, and because her ugly sisters were scaring away the others. Cinderella, a bit tipsy from the champagne in the carriage ride, burped and muttered, "Hmmpf. I'm ambidrinkstrous..."

The gentleman were all in agreement, ambidrinksterity was a great quality in a young lady.
by sindazed November 30, 2005
Individual who loiters around towering speakers at a rave as to have their entire body molested by music.
The raver won the speaker freak award when Paul Oakenfold worked his magic.
by sindazed March 17, 2005
The dice game of ones and fives, modified from the original game farkle, played on carpet, so as not to wake anyone who might be sleeping at 4:00AM.
"Wanna play carpet farkle?"
-Sure. Whatever.
"I haven't vacuumed in weeks."
by sindazed March 20, 2005
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